Unverfication on Vidme Subreddit Post

TITLE: Why did Sandia Mesa get unverified on Vidme?


Hi Team at Vidme,

It’s been about two weeks now since I’ve privately emailed you guys on the subject matter of Sandia Mesa’s sudden unverification on your platform. As far as I’m concerned with my knowledge of this situation, this unverification occurred the night of Thursday, August 3rd, without any warning, reasoning, or notification. It just kind of happened.

Now, other people might think I’m crazy for making this public discussion, but I’m doing this mainly because:

1. You’ve claimed to be a creators’ haven since your Statue of Liberty video. “Give us your fucking profanity, your goddamn sexual humor,” etc. However, you’ve done actions like unverifying and removing featured creator badges from those who you don’t like, such as Mugiwara Ne’coke and Kentantino.

2. You always tell us, “We’re always open to feedback. We’re willing to work with creators behind the scenes.” But then, you refuse to talk and listen to those whom you don’t like such as those that I’ve mentioned in the previous reason.

So, if you’re going to refuse to have a mature conversation with us privately, then the unfortunate reality is that it will become public discussion.

Now, if you decide to ban me from this subreddit for whatever reason, I could honestly care less – because it will only prove my point which is that your PR is terrible, both privately and in public; and that your staff is immature. Basically, you’ll only make me look stronger. And you’ll give me, along with others, less of a reason to stay on your supposedly “creator-friendly” platform.

Thus, I want to conclude by asking you guys the same thing I’ve asked in the email – I don’t understand why Sandia Mesa got unverified. We didn’t break any community guidelines and/or terms of service whatsoever as far as I’m concerned, so why did Sandia Mesa get unverified?


Sean King

Founder and President

Sandia Mesa Animation Studios

P.S. This post will be available to read on the Sandia Mesa website in the case that this post gets removed. Because I honestly think if anyone is to judge me or Sandia Mesa based upon this, they should read it first.