The future of Sandia Mesa on Facebook…

Especially since the recent Cambridge Analytica leak, we at Sandia Mesa have considered deleting our Facebook page. The social network has done a terrible job at protecting the privacy of its users, mainly because they sell off data to third-parties without the notification or consent of users.

We tend to be more privacy-oriented when it comes to making decisions around our website. We’ve minimized the amount of trackers and are currently ad-free. And we don’t want to encourage the use of social networks that disrespect the privacy of users. And because of all this, we are deleting our Facebook page.

Moving forward…

Effective Friday, April 13th, 2018, Sandia Mesa’s Facebook page will be no longer available. During this time, we strongly encourage our current followers on Facebook to join us elsewhere. Some of the platforms we’re currently at include:

  • Minds, a free and open-source social networking platform, known for rewarding online activity through various methods. They strongly promote freedom, privacy, and democratization. If you sign up here, Sandia Mesa will be rewarded 100 points for each new user.
  • — Gab, a micro-blogging alternative to Twitter that puts its people first and promotes freedom of speech for all.
  • — Twitter, which is not exactly the best alternative to Facebook considering that it’s notorious for similar practices, such as purging users for not much good reasons and personalized advertising based upon data it collects from you. But if you want to join us there, you are more than welcome to.
  • — Instagram, which we recommend as a last resort. Facebook owns Instagram. And because of this, they most likely won’t respect your privacy or freedoms. But if you want to join us there, do come.

We also encourage people to register for a account. More information on perks will be available sometime soon. To interact with other users who are also fans of Sandia Mesa content, you can also join our official Discord server.

Thank you to all the many wonderful fans we are so blessed to have! And we cannot wait to see what happens in the future journey ahead beyond Facebook.